In 20021.......

Big weddings will still happen.  But I firmly believe there will also be a shift and a re-focus to what’s really important – sustainable and considered celebrations.  Small but beautiful.

Consumers will be looking for quality over quantity coming out of lockdown, I think couples and their guests will follow a similar path with their weddings. Everywhere you look and every feature you now read about weddings, there’s at least one reference to sustainability in the wedding industry (for good reason) and I can only see this increasing.  That's why a lovely dress from Boomerang with Style fits the bill in every way.

If you are one of the guests at a small wedding you really must look your best - it's a compliment to the bride and groom to go to some trouble and you will probably be in a lot of photos.

I've seen enough wedding with the guests (and even the bride) wearing an uncomfortable dress.  Too short, too tight, too low in the bust, the list goes on.  Goosepimples because of our changeable weather and the outfit has no jacket or coat to match.  A well made dress fits in all the "ins and outs", is the right length and you can sit and bend without straining the seams!  That might seem obvious but an uncomfortable dress makes for an uncomfortable day.

Then wear a hat.  Nothing makes an occasion like a hat worn properly.  A so-called fascinator is not fascinating and not a good look on any woman.